Frequently Asked Questions

What is this site for?

To give you the information needed to make a decision on whether precious metals should be part of your portfolio. To give you an idea of what to expect in the future by looking at historical precedents, mathematical equations, and patterns.


Who made this site? Why should I listen?

This was made by me, Joshua, (find more information at I have been studying and accumulating precious metals for over 19 years, for the last 7 years my company has been importing gold and silver into Japan, today we are now the main online dealers in gold and silver. Although I have lots of knowledge, information & insights, regarding the metals, our monetary system, this site is full of content curated from many sources.


What is the goal?

To positively change the world now on with individual, local, decentralized solutions. To find & connect those who want to see this change now, by contributing talents, resources, knowledge & influence. If you are one of this growing of community of [Creative Disruptors] get in touch with me from the ‘Contact’ page or the live chat.


What is the 1st Step?

Get the knowledge & information here to understand that you need some precious metals. There are more steps, which I will share later, however having an understanding of the precious metals, how our system is set up and the incentives that it creates is primary, is the foundation on which we can build.


I know a lot about the metals already, is it worth it for me?

If you know more than me, then I would like to enlist your help! By adding your own insights and knowledge to make this site we can make this even more powerful and useful to the beginner, intermediate and advanced precious metals holders. We all want the world to be a better place if we work together, pool resources, we can get there quicker. –so yes, it will be worth it for you!

I don’t have any money to buy precious metals, should I still get access?

Education is worth more than money! Money can be lost, stolen, spent, it comes and goes. But the knowledge you accumulate will always be with you. You will always be a force for good being educated and informed. –And I believe that everyone in the world who is working can afford even a bit every month. –so yes by all means get access to it.


Have a question? Want to help?

Feel free to contact me.