Why Wait?

When We can make the World a Better Place Now!

How? –Simply Change the Dynamics

The precious metals will insure you, and prepare you for the move from our current unstable and unsustainable system built on consumption and debt to a system built on a solid stable foundation, that rewards savings, that rewards innovation. This will give us an incredible, once in an era opportunity, to peacefully change our world, from the inside out, by doing only what is rationally in our best interests.

How? –Decentralize the source & flow of value.

From a central originating source of wealth to a diversified decentralized one.

Core Concept: People work on incentives, change the incentives and you change behavior.

Thus public companies, and institutions will be beholden to us, the individuals of the world that finance their operations & which they were created to serve. The dynamics will naturally shift. The incentive will be to serve what the collective individuals of the world through their free market choices express.


adjective; beholden
  1. owing thanks or having a duty to someone in return for help or a service.

Eliminate or Reduce

  • War
  • Pollution of our Water, Air, Land
  • Terrorism, Conflicts
  • Deforestation
  • Over-fishing, Destruction of Ocean Life
  • Corruption in Business, Economics, Education, Entertainment, Research
  • Corruption in Politics, Revolving Door between Public & Private Sectors
  • Centralization of Unearned Concentration of Wealth
  • Back door negotiations & legislation & systems that pick winners & losers
  • Trade Tensions, Competitive Devaluations
  • Poverty
  • Theft, Mismanagement in the name of public good
  • Micromanagement of billions by small centralized private institutions
  • Negative emotions of Scarcity, Fear, Lack, Insecurity Weakness around regarding providing for your family.
  • Waste, Pork-Spending



  • Peace
  • Stronger Republic, better direct democracy
  • Honest Politicians, Grass Roots Initiatives
  • Positive International Relations & Trade (immediate settlement of trade)
  • More Equitable Opportunity
  • Increase the Quality of Life & Standard of Living for Everyone in the World
  • Equitable distribution of a Nations Resources
  • Equal Playing field in Business, Politics, Education, Life
  • Sustainable Clean Energy Sources & Consumption
  • Savings That Increase Value, Allowing more Focus on Art, Contribution, Enjoyment in Life
  • Technological Advances that Benefit Humans regardless of Economic Consequences
  • Stronger Voice for Individuals through Our Collective Free Market Choices
  • Natural Clean Sustainable Agriculture
  • Economic, Political, Legislative, Judicial Justice & Freedom
  • Internet Freedom

Your First Step is Start with You!

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